Sortevents are a logistic challenge, which has to be handled very exact. Some yeas ago the most important question was "Where is power", this attitude has changed. Now the modern timer is a lot more interested in a stable and fast internet connection. Internet an RFID technologies in timing have improved logistic workflows a lot and the manifold possibilities of result handling. Today the requirements to a timer are no longer only correct results, but a perfectly fitting solution for the organizer. All measured date has to be handled, prompt in an extensive service offer and has to be displayed local and on different plattforms worldwide. The requirements to the used technology and the skills of a timer rised a lot in this context.

Datacapo has discovered this trend very early and developed a solution, which is usable modular and which can be brought in line with the extensive requirements of a mass event. Because participant data of an event has an irreplaceable worth, we use technical solutions, which are highly available, scalable and save and which are in sum very dependable which makes us able to contribute to the success of an event

With CHRONOTRACK we bet on a parameter, which also has high requirements to the used technology. With the systems of CHRONOTRACK we are able to measure time data redundant and process it very fast. With that technology we can display our data in video screens, mobile apps and on result websites in realtime.